A community of scientists and practitioners devoted to using complex systems science to build new tools for understanding and guiding society, technology and the economy

Our physical and social technologies are evolving so quickly that they are out of sync, causing inequality, damaging our environment, straining our institutions, and challenging our understanding of what it means to be human.

We are in a race - a potentially existential race - between our ability to understand, shape and direct the complex and evolving social, economic, and technological system we live in, versus the potential of that system to destroy freedom, democracy and even human life on Earth.

A major cause of the stress and turmoil we are experiencing is a misunderstanding of the underlying dynamics of technological change, economics and social systems.

Our community:

  • Uses complex systems science to provide insights and guidance

  • Seeks to use this understanding to guide technological change towards greater human flourishing and mitigate against the risk of societal and environmental harm

  • Seeks to improve our decision making processes to achieve positive transformative progress